Kitchen cleaning Service in Tokyo

If you are looking for a kitchen cleaning service in Tokyo, please use us.

We will be cleaning the kitchen, exhaust fan, refrigerator, and taking out all the adhesive residue and smell.


Our staff compatible with English will be cleaning.

Kitchen cleaning

We will neatly clean stubborn dirt such as burn marks on the stove, and water stain on the sink and the tap.
We will also fully polish the cupboard and the wall surface of the kitchen.

Service Content

Basic price: 16,000 yen
We will be cleaning the gas stove, induction stove, cupboard surface, storage space above kitchen cabinet, lighting, sink, wall surface and the window.

Range hood / Exhaust fan cleaning

We will be cleaning the exhaust fan, which is difficult to do by yourself.
Us, Tokyo Cleaning Service, will be disassembling the exhaust fan and cleaning every corner of it.
By conducting the disassembly cleaning and taking out the adhesive oil stain and dust, it will increase the effectiveness of ventilation, and keeping the kitchen clean.

Basic price per kitchen: 15,000 yen 

We will be disassembling the exhaust fan, and neatly clean the exterior cover, the interior of the exhaust fan itself, and the filer.

If your kitchen has not been taken care for a long period of time and the dirt does not come off by cleaning it normally, there is a possibility that we will have to use a special detergent. If that is the case, we will be receiving an additional cost of 3,000 yen.


Exhaust fan with cleaning function
Price: 6,000 yen
If your exhaust fan has a cleaning function, we are receiving an additional cost.
Exhaust fan filter
Price: Extra estimated fee
We will be placing a filter for the exhaust fan, which is strongly resistant to oil stain.
This is recommended, because by placing this filter, it will prevent the dirt getting onto to exhaust fan itself.

Service Area Tokyo

23 wards of Tokyo:Hachioji, Tachikawa, Musashino, Mitaka, Ome, Fuchu, Akishima, Chofu, Machida, Koganei, Kodaira, Hino, Higashimurayama, Kokubunji, Kunitachi, Fussa, Komae, Higashiyamato, Kiyose, Higashi Kurume, Musashimurayama, Tama, Inagi , Hamura, Akiruno, Nishi Tokyo, and other areas nearby

Application flow

To Inquire
Please contact us by using the contact form with the details of your request. The staff in charge will contact you after confirming the content of your request.
We will quote it free of charge
Start cleaning
We will come to clean on the designated day if you agree the quotation.
Please kindly pay to the bank account mentioned hereby after confirming of the cleaning.
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